I got my first ransom attack email! I have arrived…. not…

So last week I got my first hack attack ransom email from some bogus hacking group calling themselves the “Armada Collective”  demanding payment by bitcoin to avoid being hacked, ddos-ed, encrypted, and generally poo-pooed on. So with a roll of my eyes I sat back and waited for this dreaded attack…. (sound of crickets)

Nothing, I’m still waiting….. well lets be honest I use this site simply to test WordPress and plugins and if it was hacked I would just delete it and reinstall it so there for future reference I’m not sending you bitcoin for any reason, get a life!

If I was a real hacker group with any kind of skill and reputation I would be offended that someone was calling themselves a hacker group and only extorting bitcoin from halfwit business owners and network admins and knowing a little bit about how not anonymous bitcoin is if you don’t know what you are doing I figure I should share the bitcoin address from the ransom email in case anyone wants to take a swing at them.

bitcoin ADDRESS:  14RD6ixSshL1SiK42AqSfQg3ktPRDi1fh9